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For Sale Thanks... Congratulations

We are always grateful when our calves go to good homes!

Thanks to Erin and Andy Whalin for the purchase of 3 steers

Thanks to Bammers for the purchase of 3 head including the Violet 84S heifer 3B

Thanks to AJ Show Cattle for help with the Ohio Fall Showcase Sale heifers and Andrew Ropp's Bovine Beautification and Charm School

Thanks for Chad McDonald of Ohio for the purchase of Apple Gardenia

Thanks to the Finney Family of Ohio for the purchase of Apple Daisy

Thanks to DeAnn Ancell of Kansas for the purchase of "the girls"

Thanks to Emily Ritter for the purchase of Kaisers Zeus a Magic X Sprout steer

Thanks to Paige Cords for the purchase of Kaisers Zeke, a falshy Gizmo X Kaisers Snap Dragon steer

Thanks to Jackson County Intermediate School District for the purchase of the Z12 steer (Hobo X Kaisers Velveteen)

Thanks to Sisung Farms for the purchase of our Shorthorn Cross steers

Thanks to Jonathan Breen for the purchase of Yellow Flower (The Witch Doctor X Kaisers Sun Flower)

Thanks to Andrew Ropp, AJ Show Cattle and JT Show Cattle for the purchase of Kaisers X Line Hobo (Bufflao Creek Hobo X Kaisers Wild Flower)

Thanks to Jonathan Breen for the purchase of Kaisers Yoscar ( Ole's Oscar out of Kaisers Upsy Daisy (Leachman Heavenly 8141 X Kaisers Snap Dragon)


Thanks to Tobacco River Shortrhons for the purchase of our Expo hefier Kaisers Yes She's Violet



Thanks to Danica for buying Bruce - they should have a great time!

Thanks to Tom Gumper, Grandview Farms for the purchase of Kumquat Blue!

Thanks to Vic Parker for the purchase of Kaisers Xtra Cash 14X a black horned bull sired by Majors Money Man out of Kaisers Sprout. The bull passed his BSE at 12 months with flying colors!

Thanks to AJ Show Cattle and Andrew Ropp for help with Kumquat Blue

Thanks to Gini Chase and Buffalo Creek Red Angus for the fabulous collection of Red Angus semen we were able to purchase at the dispersal including Choctaw Chief 373, Buf Crk hobo 1961 and Red Hill Julian 84S - should be a great year!

Congratulations to JACOB ROGERS - Grand Champion Steer
2010 Ingham County Fair. Sired by KAISERS TONI!

Thanks to Madison Groholski for the purchase of W3 Wild Melon - enjoy your heifer and her baby!
Thanks to Chan Miller for the purchase of X8

Thanks to Josh Markel for the purchase of "the boys, Red and WD" -
good luck with your calves and have a great time


Kaisers Wild Fire
Thanks Mike Brown for purchasing Kaisers Wildfire
Thanks to Andrew Ropp for help at Expo
Thanks to everyone at JT Show Cattle!

Thanks to Big J and his brother for all the hard work with our calves.

Thanks again to JASON CLOUGH for a great job with the bulls!

Thanks to JT SHOW CATTLE and VIC PARKER for the purchase of
Kaisers Ralph (Phildon XS x Lamont)
Ralph is TH and PHA FREE!!

Thanks to JT SHOW CATTLE for the purchase of 6 of Ralph’s full sibs
(Phildon XS x Lamont embryos)

Belated thanks to CHRISTINE KAISER for our logo!

Thanks, too - SCOTT HOLT - for sound advise, cattle talk, and reality checks!

Thanks to Jairis Jackson for the “Ranch Horse”


Kaisers Munchkin


  • BROCK SWONGUER of Ohio - Kaisers Tulip

  • WINTERS SHOW CATTLE of WV - Kaisers Turni
  • WRIGHT FAMILY of Pennsylvania - Kaisers Teppo
  • BRADLEY & VIRGINIA Payne of Ohio - Kaisers Tallinder.
  • JAMES ROLAND  Indiana - Kaisers Snickers
  • AUSTIN ROGERS of Eaton Rapids - Kaisers Nectarine and Kaisers Rafiki
  • BLAKE MARSH of Eaton Rapids - Kaisers Nutmeg and Kaisers Polka-Dot

  • The RUFFINGS of Ohio - Kaisers Munchkin

  • The HOWARDS of Kentucky - Kaisers Morning Glory

  • The ZEIGLERS of Ohio - Kaisers Marigold

  • MALLORY WAGNER of Ohio Kaisers Kit Kat

  • FRED NICHOLS of Ohio Kaisers Kaboose

  • NEBO RIDGE FARMS of Pennsylvania - Kaisers Jelly Bean and Kaisers Katydid

  • KACEY HERMANS of Michigan Kaisers Lilliebelle

Kaiser Cattle Welcomes The Ranch Horse!


Kaisers Toni
Toni's first calf crop looks great, and so does Toni!


  • JT SHOW CATTLE of Michigan - Kaisers Billy the Kid, Kaisers Ralph
  • NOEL ROGERS - Kaisers Toni

  • BUDDY LOWER FAMILY of Ohio - Kaisers Ricochette

  • MIKE LEMMONS of Ohio - Kaisers Rasta

  • ROBERT McCOLLOUGH & CARRI DUNCAN - McCOLLOUGH of Michigan – Kaisers Pay the Piper

  • ROBERT STOWE of Michigan – Kaisers Lucky Mack

  • CARL ARCHER of Michigan – Kaisers L-Wood

  • DAY BROTHERS FARMS of Pennsylvania – Kaisers Lightening

  • DERYL HUNT & TOM WICKER of Indiana – Kaisers Locomotion



JT SHOW CATTLE Phildon XS x Lamont embryos
ZACH HANKINS Cunia semen

Katie Dasch, Kyle Seyfried, Jeffrey Land, Austin Rogers, Blake Marsh,
Katie Clough, Dain Webster, Dirk Stoneman, Doug Fettig, Jeff Bouwcamp, Jacob Rogers, Nathan Eifert,
Samantha Hoskins, Megan Townsend, Nathan Martyn

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